Karunaa Group offer one-stop technology solutions to make homes and businesses smarter, safer, and more efficient with our electronic security and automation products.

Access Control - Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes.

Asset Tracking - Automated inventory control. Prevent assets from being lost, stolen or misplaced.

Automatic Doors - Doors open only when activated and automatically close so to eliminate the doors being left open.

Baggage Scanner - To find smuggling or hidden, weapons, explosives, drugs and other dangerous objects.

Boom Barrier - Ensures that you are in control of vehicle movement within your premises.

Burglar Alarm - Deters intruders before incidents happen.

CCTV ANPR - Captures license plate along with the vehicle image.

CCTV People Counting - To confirm the success of promotional activities by comparing the footfall of customers at certain times.

CCTV Surveillance - Video Surveillance Creates Awareness, Evidence and Behaviour.

CCTV Video Analytics - Video analytics network camera software is able to deeply analyse video feeds, to a degree impossible for human eyes.

Currency Counting Machine - Easily separates the notes so that every note is counted individually.

Door Frame Metal Detector - Detecting trafficking of metals and arms, also people passing through it never have any inconvenience.

Electronic Article Surveillance - EAS Protect loss of inventory related to shoplifting, employee theft, error or fraud.

Fire Alarm - Saves lives and protects assets from being destroyed

Fire Extinguisher - Life-saving tool because they act as the first line of defence in the event of a fire accident.

Fire Hydrant - Access points that allow fire authorities to connect hoses and quickly extinguish flames.

Fire Sprinkler - Activates automatically within the first few minutes of a fire breaking out.

Fire Suppression - Used to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire in a building.

Flap Barrier -Capable of controlling the pedestrian entering or exiting the restricted areas.

Garage Door Automation -Garage door openers provide the luxury of automatically operating the door from your car.

Gas Detector - Sense gases that humans cannot smell or see, and are an integral line of defense for any business.

Gate Automation - Convenience of allowing homeowners to control entrance and exit.

Guard Monitoring System - Makes the Security guard’s work seamless

Hand Held Metal Detector - Alert the security personnel of dangerous objects such as knives or weapons.

Home Automation - You can control your home by your Voice, Mobile Phone, or by your activity.

Hotel Lock System - Convenient and Secure experience for guests throughout their stay

ID Cards - Can help you create personalized badges and cards for employees, students, attendees & visitors.

Interactive White Board - Student’s learning experience is enhanced by this technology because of its ability for students to view diagrams, charts, videos and more.

Intercom System - Make it easier to communicate instantly with employees in your business.

Lighting Automation - Easy-to-use light customization. Increase convenience and conserve energy.

Network & Communication - It allows devices on your network to communicate with each other, as well as with other networks.

Parking Management & Guidance - Automates a car parking system. It optimizes parking space and makes processes efficient.

Road Blocker - You can stop unwanted vehicles.

Smart Locks - Not having to hide a key outside.

Solar Energy - Generating your own electricity means that you will be using less from the utility supplier.

Time Attendance - To keep the track and record the attendance of the employees.

Tripod Turnstile - Gates open only for those with authorized access.

UVSS - An x-ray system that can scan the boot space of the vehicle for hidden weapons, explosives or narcotics.

Vehicle Tracking - Monitor when your car is driven by someone else & prevent misuse.

Video Conference -Boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses, and overall promotes collaboration.

Video Door Phone - Lets you see who is knocking at your door before you open it.

Visitor Management System - Systems that are used to record all the details about the visitors entering the premises.

Walkie Talkies - Two-way radios used to communicate with the people without any extra charges.

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